Tuesday, April 3, 2007


The proper equipment can mean the difference between getting the tag or being delt a devastating game ending tag. So to perform at your best you must have the right stuff. Here is a list of the necessary equipment for an afternoon of tag.

- Proper shoes- cleats work well for open grassy areas, for urban encounters normal tennis shoes will surfice. I recommend a pair of sport specific squirrel tag shoes.

- Proper attire- Who says you can’t look good while chasing a squirrel? Dress can span a wide range but I prefer loose fitting athletic attire.

- Headband- This is the most important aspect of a squirrel tag outfit. A classic headband is what lets the squirrels know that you mean business.

- Water – you can never have to much water, bring extra to share with your opponents after a long afternoon game, also orange wedges and mixed nuts are good post game snacks.