Thursday, March 29, 2007

The Rules of the Game

The Rules: Similar to tag played on school playgrounds and backyards, the game involves a "Tagger" and a "Tagee". The goal of the game is for the "Tagger" to make contact with the "Taggee" thereby transferring roles.

1: Competition must be announced to both player and animal to avoid incidental biting by the squirrel. Competition must take place in an outdoor environment. Squirrels have been know to bite so a warning must by announced.

2: Squirrel must be alive.

3: There is no player limit although only one player may be the "Tagger" at any given time.

4: A hand to squirrel tag is worth 1 point, A paw to person tag is worth 1 point, and a paw to hand tag is worth 3 points.

5: The game is played to 5 points with 10 minute rounds, players switch titles if no tag is made within a round.

Strategery and speed are not the only keys to this game...practice and persistence prevail.

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