Tuesday, April 1, 2014

MSU joins the team

The USTA recognized MSU today for changing mascots to the squirrel!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Crasher Squirrel visits Canadian Tag Show

During the recent Canadian Tag Show, the following action shot was taken during the second round of tag in Banff. Although the outcome of the game was in "Crasher's" favor, all the particpants enjoyed the match.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Canadian Tag Show

They USTA has made a journey up north to Canada to meet with representatives from the Squirrel Tag of Canada. International rules and regulations were on the agenda of this meeting and those updates will soon be released to the public. Also, members discussed future inductions into the Squirrel Tag Field of Fame.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

School adds "No Squirrels" signs to front door

After last weeks scary incident with a squirrel entering a school in San Jose (see post below). That school district has added "No Squirrels" signs to school front doors. The USTA has backed this action, as the squirrels actions violated the "Outside" rule. The USTA is still investigating the event and sanctions might still be imposed on the squirrel for breaking The Squirrel Tag Code. Many other local schools are considering the addition of these style signs to deter further incidents of this nature.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

A constant reminder...it's not a simple game

A recent game of tag went horrible wrong this week when a squirrel took the game to far. In a story, Squirrel enters S. San Jose classroom, attacks two adults and a student, a squirrel tagged 3 people. The USTA is looking into filing restrictions on this squirrel for reckless behavior and breaking "playing inside" rules. However, this story brings a point the USTA is making with a new advertising campaign. The new "TAG SAFE" campaign reminds players to follow the rules and keep it safe.

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Squirrel cam is allowed by USTA

The USTA announced today that the "Squirrel Cam" will be allowed for use during competition this year. This device similar to an umpire cam in baseball or quarterback cam in football is attached by harness to the squirrel. The news media will have exclusive coverage from these devices and this will allow for instant replays of questionable tags.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Breaking news: the USTA has announced

Breaking news: the USTA has announced that it will induct “Peapod” into the Squirrel Tag Field of Fame. Peapod gained popularity as the playful co-host of The Joy of Painting along side Bob Ross. “Peapod” was a fierce competitor on the field and even befriended his advisory to learn his ways. We salute you “Peapod” for all your contributions to the game of Squirrel tag.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

USTA announces competition

The United Squirrel Tag Association announced today that it will be holding its bi-annual competition later this year. The location is still to be determined, but I am sure it will provide a spectacular environment to play. More details will be posted as they become available.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Presidential Match

On a recent trip to the nation's capitol, I was again challenged for my crown. This time by a presidential squirrel. At first, I thought since the squirrel had just run from the rose garden that it might be followed by some members of the Squirrel Service, so I gave some time to make sure he wasn’t being protected. This game was a game of strategy beyond any other game I had played.

By using the fence which was very out of bounds for me (as I feared getting close might be very bad for my health) the squirrel kept me at bay. After a lengthy taunting session, the game time ran out and the game was called a draw. I left the grounds with a feeling of defeat. Maybe I should come back in 4 years to try again.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Post Game

After a long game, I find resting a great option. However, after a very long and action packed game make sure to hydrate yourself. I like to pop open a bottle of Squirrelade.

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Hyde Park

Site: Hyde Park, London
Target Rich Environment: Yes
Weather: Overcast

After traveling across the Atlantic to the country of England I was challenged to a game of tag by the feisty and elusive Hyde Park Squirrels.
The spacious and lush Hyde park has provided the people of London with open green space.
However, it also is home to the many squirrels that show no fear when challenged to a game of tag. My long and historic past in squirrel chasing is full of decisive victories over many fierce competitors.

I look for a worthy adversary. I announce the start of the game and lunge for a squirrel. He realizes that a tag is emanate and leaps to the nearby tree, these squirrels are fast and smart, two aspects that are going to make this game a very difficult one. Then he taunts me, oh these guys are good. After a couple of scoreless rounds I was about to call the game over when no worthy contestant showed up…to my surprise a squirrel decided to match wits.
In a moment of weakness I was almost overtaken by a nimble squirrel...I went for the tag and landed a hand on the tail...victory was almost mine.

Then the game was taken to another level when the master of the park entered the game. He was a fierce competitor and was not going to loose. After some back and forth tags, the master squirrel went for a game ending tag and landed it. I was dealt my first lost and left the park in dismay.

Tuesday, April 3, 2007


The proper equipment can mean the difference between getting the tag or being delt a devastating game ending tag. So to perform at your best you must have the right stuff. Here is a list of the necessary equipment for an afternoon of tag.

- Proper shoes- cleats work well for open grassy areas, for urban encounters normal tennis shoes will surfice. I recommend a pair of sport specific squirrel tag shoes.

- Proper attire- Who says you can’t look good while chasing a squirrel? Dress can span a wide range but I prefer loose fitting athletic attire.

- Headband- This is the most important aspect of a squirrel tag outfit. A classic headband is what lets the squirrels know that you mean business.

- Water – you can never have to much water, bring extra to share with your opponents after a long afternoon game, also orange wedges and mixed nuts are good post game snacks.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

The Rules of the Game

The Rules: Similar to tag played on school playgrounds and backyards, the game involves a "Tagger" and a "Tagee". The goal of the game is for the "Tagger" to make contact with the "Taggee" thereby transferring roles.

1: Competition must be announced to both player and animal to avoid incidental biting by the squirrel. Competition must take place in an outdoor environment. Squirrels have been know to bite so a warning must by announced.

2: Squirrel must be alive.

3: There is no player limit although only one player may be the "Tagger" at any given time.

4: A hand to squirrel tag is worth 1 point, A paw to person tag is worth 1 point, and a paw to hand tag is worth 3 points.

5: The game is played to 5 points with 10 minute rounds, players switch titles if no tag is made within a round.

Strategery and speed are not the only keys to this game...practice and persistence prevail.