Thursday, April 5, 2007

Hyde Park

Site: Hyde Park, London
Target Rich Environment: Yes
Weather: Overcast

After traveling across the Atlantic to the country of England I was challenged to a game of tag by the feisty and elusive Hyde Park Squirrels.
The spacious and lush Hyde park has provided the people of London with open green space.
However, it also is home to the many squirrels that show no fear when challenged to a game of tag. My long and historic past in squirrel chasing is full of decisive victories over many fierce competitors.

I look for a worthy adversary. I announce the start of the game and lunge for a squirrel. He realizes that a tag is emanate and leaps to the nearby tree, these squirrels are fast and smart, two aspects that are going to make this game a very difficult one. Then he taunts me, oh these guys are good. After a couple of scoreless rounds I was about to call the game over when no worthy contestant showed up…to my surprise a squirrel decided to match wits.
In a moment of weakness I was almost overtaken by a nimble squirrel...I went for the tag and landed a hand on the tail...victory was almost mine.

Then the game was taken to another level when the master of the park entered the game. He was a fierce competitor and was not going to loose. After some back and forth tags, the master squirrel went for a game ending tag and landed it. I was dealt my first lost and left the park in dismay.

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